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Pee Wee one of the best working dogs in the business!!

Pups born May 10th, 2014
Eight Males ~ Three Females!



Pee Wee giving doggie back rides after bite work

Pee Wee Personal Protection from a distance!

Pee Wee gives Doggy-Back-Ride

Pee Wee working the bark and hold



Pee Wee Hitting Hard!




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Fearless Protectors and Loyal Companions

Coke Kennels Coke Kennels

...Located 50 miles north of Los Angeles, Coke Kennels was established in 2003. Since its establishment, Coke Kennels has been a premiere breeder of Presa Canarios in the Antelope Valley with an authentic Spanish bloodline and UPPCC/FCI registration.
Our Kennel is dedicated to producing Presa Canarios who possess what we like to call “S.T.A.C.” S=Size, T=Temperament, A=Agility, C=Confidence.
.....It is our mission to provide an individual or family with a loyal and obedient companion that will protect them at all costs. Our Presa Canarios are strategically bred for size, health, temperament, and intellect; this makes them well-suited for guarding and defense. Coke Kennels is dedicated to producing a well-balanced dog that is powerful, fearless, and protective by nature; but also is affectionate, docile and well behaved with his/her owner and family. We would like to invite you to come out and visit our kennel to experience the rarity of the Presa Canario in person.
Thank you for your time and have a Blessed Day!

Being a handler and breeder of Bullmastiffs for 11 years I didn't think there was another breed I would even consider owning but after meeting Lamonte that all changed. The sound temperament, intelligence, beauty and knowing that the Presa was the only breed in his kennel (so there was no mistaking the purity of the breed) sealed the deal for us. We would highly recommend Coke Kennels to anyone who is looking for a purebred Presa. It is truly refreshing to find a breeder who is knowledgeable and in it for preserving the purity of the breed and the temperament of the dog. Our Neo has been the most intelligent dog we have ever owned and greatest addition to our family. Your dogs are awesome Lamonte!

Thanks Again, D & B

Apple Valley, CA


My first introduction to the Presa Canario was last year March 2008. I've owned Doberman's, Rottweiliers in the past. They were great dogs. I wanted to see what other mastiffs were available. I've heard of the Cane Corso's, Presa Canario's, Dogo Argentino's, Fila Brasilieros. And when I researched the web, I was amazed on how the Presa's stood out from all the other breeds. Lamonte properly introduced me to his dogs and my jaws dropped, they were gorgeous. And they were impressive in size, temperament, and guarding ability. Our female Presa is now 15 months and still growing in size. I've always called Lamonte for advise and helpful tips on feeding. As a proud owner, I highly recommend his kennel. His dogs are awesome to look at on the internet. But you have to see them in person. Our family appreciates Lamonte's dedication to the breed and education on its history.


Thank you,

I.L. and Family Palmdale, California
As owners of many Pit Bulls in the past, like many we thought that was the only breed for us until we came across the Presa Canario...blew us away!  Mostly because of the extreme intensity this breed possess.  We were looking for the best most honest and knowledgeable breeder available.  Thank God for Lamonte and his kennels.  Arriving at Coke Kennels we were introduced to the most beautiful Presa Canarios the breed has to offer.... Love at first sight!  As expected, Lamonte professionally introduced us to the sire and dam of our puppy, China and Peewee.  Lamonte has been very generous with his knowledge and availability to any and all questions that we have presented to him.  Our puppy Cash is only 8 weeks old and is by far the smartest dog we have ever owned.  Thank you Lamonte for your dedication to this breed. We couldn't be happier.

Eric and Louisa
Anaheim, Calif.


Cliff B. I first heard about this breed, about three and a half years ago, I decided, this year to seriously, look into getting one, I got online and found four breeders, here in CA. after checking into all of them, Coke Kennels was my choice, Lamonte had the best looking dogs, hands down, I contacted him in early January, and since then Lamonte has promptly responded to every text, email, and phone call, and answered every question, I had, he made this purchasing experience, easy, comfortable, and professional, I couldn't be more pleased, I picked up Kimbo, a week ago, and couldn't be more happy about this decision, Kimbo is great with my 5 children, at 12 weeks old, he is true joy, for our family. If you are interested in this breed, I would suggest, coke kennels, from the dog, to the breeder himself, this is where you wanna be, thanks again to Coke Kennels......

  Cliff B

I bought a female Presa Canario one year ago from Coke Kennels (LaMonte Coke). I could not be happier with my dog, or with dealing with LaMonte Coke.My dog is so smart and beautiful. LaMonte has so much experience and knowledge of the Presa Canario. LaMonte has always answered any questions that I have had about my dog, or the Presa Canario breed. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a Presa Canario to purchase a dog from Coke Kennels (LaMonte Coke). You will be happy in everyway.


  Robert Douglas Jr.
Rosamond, California


My daughter said, "My puppy is the best present ever!"

  My 8-month old pup Cyrus from Lamonte @ Coke Kennels is the perfect addition to our family.  Our pup has a great temperament, is wonderful with kids, an excellent guardian, and an all around awesome dog. Not to mention, he's a beast at 100 lbs. of solid muscle!  I couldn't be happier with my first experience purchasing a puppy from a breeder, either.  Lamonte has always promptly answered any questions via e-mail or phone, even made himself available at odd hours to introduce me to the sire and dam, who were on site and magnificent!  Lamont's Presa Canerio's  truly possess the S.T.A.C. attributes that will exceed your expectations! If you are interested in buying a Presa,  give Lamonte a call or send an e-mail,  its the best decision i made.
  Russell Moebius
Concord, CA
  I first heard about this breed in 2011. Once I decided to do more research about the Presa Canario I came across Coke Kennels webiste. From the very first conversation with Lamonte I was comfortable that he was knowlegable with his information. Throughout the year whenever I called Lamonte he was always available to answer as many question as I asked him. I have had my Presa who we named Kane for about a month and it has truely been a pleasure seeing how smart he is and watching him grow. I recommend anyone who is looking for an experienced breeder who has love and passion for this breed to purchase from Coke Kennels. Thank You!
Kane and Family
Layton, Utah
  I am in the military and just returned from Afghanistan. I started communicating with Lamonte in August about getting a puppy. He was very patient as I was very picky in choosing a puppy. Lamonte suggested Emo to me and I fell in love with him! He kept him in boarding and started training him for me as I still had about 6 months left till my return. I was very hesitant in buying a puppy online from a breeder but Lamonte frequently sent pictures and video of his progress. Once I returned to the states he arranged in getting Emo to me. There were a couple hick ups but he kept me assured Emo would arrive to me and finally he did!  I would definetly recommend Coke Kennals to anyone and I would definitely get another puppy from him. Emo is very disciplined and will do his commands with only hand motions. He is a fast learner and can't wait to show him off to everyone!

Dana Brown
Nashville, Tennessee

My husband and I had a wonderful experience dealing with Lamonte on a professional and personal level. He is extremely knowledgable about his breed and is also very down to earth and personable. We purchased a male puppy from Lamonte almost a year ago and he is beyond exceptional. This is our first experience with the Presa  Canario breed and we are beyond pleased. Our dog is very intelligent, easy to train and eager to please. The loyalty of the breed has impressed us and his instinct for protection is exemplary. All of this is due to Lamonte's experience and expertise in breeding the right dogs to make puppies that carry only the best traits of Presa Canarios. Lamonte has always been very prompt to answer any and all questions in regards to our dog and has also given us training tips that have been invaluable. You won't find a better breeder or better quality of well rounded Presa Canarios than at Coke Kennels. We recommend Coke Kennels to anybody without hesitation.
~Mr. and Mrs. S
Lancaster, CA
Lamonte Coke is a great person. And his patients combined with beautiful animals makes him the best breeder ever. He carefully picks out his pups for his customers to make sure he put each pup with personality with the right person he takes time and talks to people about his pups patiently and he made me feel comfortable doing business with him because he was always available to pick up his phone at any time to talk I at first he was just a Guy I'm buying a dog from but after hours on the phone day after day he became a close personal friend i truly have never seen a breeder like him I learned alot from him about this breed because of him I have a great guard dog
Philidelphia, PA
Coke kennels where do I start, first by telling you that I have had several presa's over my time, two of them shipped straight to me from the top international breeders.  At the time I thought they were the absolute best dogs I have every had, and don't get me wrong they are.  As a presa representative I feel it's important to the dog breed to tell the Gods honest truth about the breeder and his stock of dogs. With that being said a year ago I came across Coke Kennels, I wasn't sure what to make of it. So I gave him a call and we talk for about an hour.  I know my stuff, at the end of our conversation I felt like a student in a class room.  Coke isn't just a guy with some dogs he is a next level breeder.  I drove out to meet him and his dogs the next month and was at a lost of words when I saw them in person... What ever pictures your looking at don't do the dogs any justice.. These dogs are absolutely huge, giant heads,  muscle tone that would make any body builder feel like they need to get in the gym.  Tell you the truth I was afraid to go out back by myself, I played in the NFL for ten years so not to many things make make me nervous.  No way I was going to walk around without Coke right next to me. His dogs live the life of luxury, he has created a dog sanctuary on his property.  Coke only has a select few dogs and breeds a couple time a year.. I left with a 9 week old black brindle puppy named Ray.  Ray is nine month now and is the same weight as my other presa Kristo sitting at 120.. He is 4 inches taller and has the best disposition of any dog I have ever had.  Why is that important, the presa isn't a mindless animal like some people make it out to be, it's a family protector and loyal companion..   At night he sleeps on his bed with a cat right next to him. Don't be fooled, during the day he kills squirrel that make the mistake of jumping in his yard.  With a bark that give me a little anxiety every time it goes off thinking someone is about to get it..  Coke has something very special out there in the high desert at an amazing price.  Anyone that knows the breed knows that 2500 is right on the money for a real presa.  I told told him he should charge more it's very hard to find dogs like this. In fact I already have a deposit down for another one.  I can't say enough good things about Coke and his set up for his dogs. He keeps his kennel small and real as it gets.  Drive out there see for yourself, I wouldn't go in the back yard with out Coke...
  Jarrod Cooper

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